Wondering About The Number Of U Joints On A Silverado 4×4? Your Answer Is Here!

It is very likely to get confused about how many U joints are needed for a Silverado 4×4. For, the number was not determined when the axle was first made. So, how many U joints on a Silverado 4×4? Let’s know together.

Generally, 2 U joints are used on a Silverado 4×4. It depends on your vehicle’s driveshaft. If your vehicle has one driveshaft, then 2 U joints will be used to join them. But, if you have two driveshafts, then 3 U joints are needed. The extra U joint will be used to join the extra driveshaft.

U joints are very necessary parts of a vehicle. It helps to drive smoothly and solves the misalignment of the axle. So now that you know the crux of this matter, let’s dig deeper into U joints.

What Is The Function Of U Joint?

U joint or Universal joints are used to fix the misalignment which occurs between the transmission and the rear axle. The rear axle drives the rear wheel thus forcing the vehicle forward.

The rear axle and rear wheels are not attached to the vehicle and move separately from the vehicle. When a driveshaft from the engine goes to the axle, it tends to bend if the vehicle hits any bump.

The Universal joint makes up for the motion caused by the bump and allows the driveshaft to move freely. When the driveshaft moves, it spins and the U joints work automatically.

Why Is U Joint Necessary?

U joints allow the driveshaft to move up and down to transmit the power properly when needed. Without the U joint, the transmission sent by the engine will be distracted when the vehicle runs through bumpy roads. To travel the wheel, enough amount of suspension is needed which is been created by the U joints by allowing the shaft to spin. It makes the shaft flexible while transmitting power.

Without these excellent tools, the vehicle would catch every bump in the road, and it would make the journey hardly possible. So, these U joints make the driveshaft flexible and therefore allow the vehicle to move along the uneven surface with much ease.

Position Of The U Joints

U joints are not only used in the rear wheels but also it is used in the front. People often confuse the rear and front U joints. They usually take them to be different. However, the joints used in the front and the rear are the same. There is absolutely no difference between them.

Types of U Joint:

There are three types of U joints used in vehicles-

  1. Cross-shaped U joint: They are used in the front and rear of the vehicle.
  2. Ball-shaped U joint: They are made of a universal joint and slip joint. Both the joints are put together to prepare the ball-shaped U Joint.
  3. Constant velocity U joint or CV joint: They are used in front-drive cars. The joint is called a constant velocity U joint because it allows the shafts to move at a constant velocity.

What are The Components Of A U Joint?

The components of a U joint can vary depending on its type.

A cross-shaped U joint is made of yokes and crosses. There are two shaft yokes and a cross in a U joint. One yoke is called a driving yoke as it is attached to the driving shaft. The other is called a driven yoke because it is attached to the driven shaft. The cross holds the yokes together. Also, it shapes the U joint.

The Components of a ball-shaped U joint are a metal ball housing and a stud. The ball is made of two steel balls put together firmly shaping the size of a ball. Grease is used in this type of U joint to avoid a sound hazard.

The Constant Velocity U joints are covered with rubber to protect the lubrication.

How To Install U Joint?

To install a U joint on your own-

  1. firstly, you have to raise the car and then detach the clips which hold the driveshaft. It will let you remove the yoke from the shaft.
  2. Secondly, you have to remove the tape and the bearing.
  3. Thirdly, get a hammer and use it to remove the cap and flip the shaft.
  4. Fourthly, it’s your turn to attach the Universal Joint to the yoke. Make sure that everything has been put together properly.

You can get a video tutorial on how to install a U Joint here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Do U-joints Fail?

Generally, U joints fail because of excessive vibration and erosion. If the vehicle is consistently driven on bumpy roads, it might cause the U joints to fail. It can also fail when the bolts are not properly fit. It is a very subtle job to fit the U joint properly.

2. Is It Hard To Replace U-joints?

Though replacing U joints is not very hard- it takes some experience to do it. To replace U joints- U joint pressing tool is needed which can be found in the local hardware store. To get a good deal on the pressing tool- you can go here.

3. How Much Do U-joints Cost?

The estimated replacement cost of a U joint is around $300. The labour cost would be between $105 and $130 and the tooling coat would be between $200 to $300. However, the replacement cost can vary on the vehicle and the tools.

4. Do All Vehicles Have U-joints?

Almost all the vehicles which run through rear wheels and four wheels have U joints. The pick-up trucks have U joints at both ends of the driveshaft. If the car has a drive shaft, then a U joint is a must for it.


U joints are one of the most important tools on a vehicle that allows the driveshaft to spin without any hassle. Also, they are the connectors that balance the misalignment between the transmission and axle. Therefore, it allows the vehicle to move smoothly through bumpy roads.

This is a significant tool for every vehicle whose route is not usually even and smooth. Therefore, in case you were wondering- how many u joints on a Silverado 4×4? The answer is- it has two U joints which can be extended to three in some cases.

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