Will A Tahoe Rear End Fit A Silverado? All You Need To Know About Rear End Compatibility

When you’re rebuilding a Silverado rear end, one of the most common questions asked is whether or not you can replace it with a Tahoe rear end. This is a common assumption made because, since 2015, both of these trucks share the same general motor K2XX.

Therefore, it is often assumed that most of their parts are interchangeable. While this statement is true, in the sense that you can interchange their lights and grills, will a Tahoe rear end fit a Silverado?

Let’s get to know more about the parts that these trucks share and what would happen if you were to interchange these parts.

The short answer to the question in interchanging is a no. unfortunately, it is not a good idea to replace the rear end of a Silverado with a Tahoe one. It is better if you can find a new or aftermarket Silverado rear end for your truck. I’ve discussed why the two parts are not interchangeable down below, in-depth.

Will A Tahoe Rear End Fit A Silverado?

People often think that Silverado and Tahoe bars are interchangeable because they share the same motor. But in reality, while a lot of parts are interchangeable, the rear end is not. This is where the degree of interchangeability reaches its limit.

You should not try to replace a Silverado rear end with a Tahoe one. There are a lot of reasons why. Firstly, while Tahoe trucks Use and have a multi-link suspension, Silverado trucks on the other hand have a leaf spring suspension. The difference in suspension means that the perches are also different. So, when you want to replace the rear end of a Silverado truck with a Tahoe one, the two differentials will not line up correctly.

Might get this replacement procedure to work only if you are working with a very highly skilled and experienced mechanic. The rear end of a Tahoe truck will only work with a Silverado one if there are some high-level modifications and fabrications made. These changes will require a lot of skill and time.

Is It Better To Replace Or Fix A Rear End?

Ultimately, whether or not you want to replace your Silverado rear end depends on how much budget you have. Replacing or even repairing a truck’s rear end is not an affordable task.

While replacing the rear end entirely is a very expensive procedure, we would only recommend that do it if you want to add to the truck’s resale value. Sometimes, upgrading a part of your truck can add to its resale value. So, if you plan on selling your Silverado, replacing the rear end can be a good option for you.

Replacing and repairing the rear end also requires high skill and experience. One needs access to good quality tools such as the OTC 1151 Internal Pulling Attachment, and the Mitutoyo 513-528T Dial Test Indicator. If not done by a professional and with the right tools, you could be doing more damage than any goods to the truck. It is a decision that needs to be taken after careful consideration.

If you don’t have the budget for it, replacing the rear end entirely might not be worth it. If one does not plan on reselling the drug either, there’s no point in adding such an expensive replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long Will It Take To Change Or Replace A Rear End?

Changing the rear end of your truck can take anywhere between 7 to 11 hours. It all depends on the level of expertise, tools, and experience that you have. If all goes well, the entire removal and reinstallation process should not take you more than 11 hours max.

2. Is A Rear Replacement Where The Money?

This depends on the level of problem that you are facing. Sometimes, if the issue with your truck’s rear differential is too complicated, replacing it may cause a very high spike in your expenses. But, if it is a small issue that the replacement procedure is going to fix properly the procedure may be worth the money.

3. What Are Some Of The Common Symptoms Of A Rear End Of A Truck Going Bad?

You will understand that there is an issue in the rear end of your truck if there is too much vibration, the gear grind, and you notice a very prominent whining noise. These issues often indicate trouble in the rear-end differential.

4. Are Tahoe And Silverado Parts Interchangeable?

Both of these trucks have a few similarities in construction. That is why, some parts such as the lights, grills, and in some rare cases the transmission are interchangeable.


Will a Tahoe rear fit a Silverado? No, it will not. If you directly fit in the rear end of a Tahoe to a Silverado, the construction will not line up. The main reason for this is that they have different suspensions.

A Tahoe rear end can only be fitted to a Silverado If you are working with a very highly skilled professional. This is because the rear end needs extreme fabrication that only skilled labor can pull off.

So in conclusion, I’m not saying that you absolutely cannot replace a Silverado rear end with a Tahoe one, I’m saying that you probably shouldn’t!

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