Do Tahoe Running Boards Fit Silverado? All We Need To Know

Setting running boards is no less important than any other steps to furnish your car. You might try several running boards including Tahoe. However, will Tahoe running boards fit Silverado? Let’s know!

The same company produces both the Tahoe running boards and Silverado running boards. These universal running boards are made to suit any truck. However, if your vehicle has a longer wheelbase, you should cut down the length of your running boards for perfect fit and then install them.

So Tahoe running boards appear to be much compatible with Silverado. Let’s know more in detail.

How Does Running Board Function?

A running board is simply a surface that is attached to the doors of a vehicle, and its primary function is to make it simpler for passengers to enter and exit the vehicle. Both the feet, often have a non-slip platform that is constructed out of strong steel and rubber or padding made out of high-duty plastic.

Running boards are most commonly attached to trucks and SUVs, which have a higher ground clearance than other vehicles, therefore making it more difficult for passengers to access and depart the vehicles. Running boards are should provide-

  • A comfortable exit and entrance for trucks and SUVs
  • Protection against roadside debris
  • Maintaining a tidy interior for your vehicle

Is Every Running Board Universal?

You must not want to make a mess with your running board after you have bought it. So choose your product judiciously. Not all the running boards are perfect for your vehicle. Some of them, like TAC, are produced for special models. So they do not fit any model other than that. However, some running boards, like Tahoe and Westin, are universally used for every model.

In case you are searching for Westin running boards, check here. Also, to compare it with TAC running boards, click here.

How To Install A Running Board On Silverado?

If you have recently bought truck running boards, you must understand how to install them. Check out the instructions for assistance!

  1. Initially, you should remove the new running boards from their packaging and check that each component is present. Read the company’s list and double-check the necessary hardware before proceeding.
  2. Try to find the factory holes in your vehicle. You might need to drill them if they are not already drilled. Next, you have to insert the bolt plate.
  3. Join the brackets. Start by removing the front bracket. Install your brackets loosely, since you might have to make some adjustments in the future.
  4. Place the running boards to the brackets. Ensure that the boards are properly centered so that they do not obstruct or interfere with anything. Using the given hardware, fix your running boards to brackets.
  5. Lastly, make any adjustments and levels you need. Now comes the time to adjust the nuts to the brackets. Do not forget to ensure beforehand that everything is centered and properly positioned.

So, you are ready with your running boards!

Difference Between Nerf Bars and Running Boards

Both nerf bars and running boards are used to make your exit and entry to the vehicle smooth. However, they have some basic differences between them as well. Let’s know about them at a glance-

Field of DifferenceNerf BarRunning Boards
ShapeRound in shape with a diameter of about three inchesProvides a platform of wide and flat shape
Entrance and ExitIncludes a step mat atop the bar at each cab entranceDrops nearly 3 inches from the pinch weld on your car.
AttachmentUsing bolts as well as brackets, nerf bars are affixed to the vehicle.Some running boards are not fixed but deployed and retracted according to to use

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Instill The Running Boards On My Own?

Installing running boards is a pretty simple task. You can easily do it yourself. To do so, you should help yourself by following the article above.

2. Do Add The Running Boards Affect The Warranty?

It depends on the policy of the respective company. However, though some dealers might make you think otherwise, generally, the addition of some extra parts or modifications does not necessarily void the warranty of your vehicle.

3. Are Running Boards Of Any Good?

Yes, they are! Running boards are useful to your vehicle in many ways. They provide a comfortable exit and entrance to your vehicle. Also, they keep your vehicle free from dirt and dust. Lastly, they are a new addition to the beauty of your favorite vehicle.

4. Which One Is Better? Aluminum Running Boards Or Steel Running Boards?

Both of them have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Aluminum is lighter than steel. Also, it is not likely to rust. However, steel is much stronger than aluminum. So if you want your running boards to carry heavy weight, you should go for steel, not aluminum.


A running board is one of the most useful accessories for your vehicle. You must not want to make any mess with this excellent addition to your car. For this, you should bring the perfect product that fits your vehicle.

Coming to this, Tahoe running boards are perfect fits when you want them for Silverado. Being a universal running board, they can be used for other trucks or SUVs as well. However, be careful while installing the running board on your vehicle. This article, hopefully, will come of great help in this regard.

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