What is Chevy Silverado Running Board Bolt Size?

If you drive a Chevrolet Silverado, the running board must be a necessary part of your favorite vehicle. You might, now and then, be concerned about the perfect bolt size of your running board. Compatibility of bolt size can sometimes be a problematic issue. So, what size of the bolt does a Chevy Silverado running board have? Let’s dig in.

Typically, the bolts for the running boards of the Chevrolet Silverado are 1.25 mm by 30 mm in length. Ten bolts and ten clips are included with this bolt set, which is ideal for all Silverado models’ running boards.

Now that you are familiar with the bolt that secures the running board, let’s go over some more information that will be extremely helpful regarding our issue. Let’s Start!

What Is The Bolt Size For Chevy Silverado Running Board?

When you own a Chevy Silverado, you are already acquainted with the running board. Investing in a quality pair of running boards for your car will make it comfortable to get in and get out of the cab. About this topic, the bolts that you are using to install this important tool play a significant and critical part.

If the bolts are not compatible with your running board, it will end up being a roughly inserted and uncomfortable tool. So, the bolts that you need to attach to the running boards should have a length of 1.25 millimeters and a diameter of 30 millimeters. They are supplied with a washer of 24 millimeters. The nuts and bolts of this size are an excellent match for the running boards of your Chevy Silverado.

Installing Running Boards On A Chevy Silverado

The Chevrolet Silverado is a large vehicle that might be challenging to ride on. Installing a nice pair of running boards will provide anyone with a non-slip route to enter or depart your truck.

Most running boards have brackets and hardware; all you need are the necessary tools and a little know-how to mount the board to the automobile frame. Below is a description of the most typical method for installing running boards.

  • Find the five pre-drilled holes in the truck’s frame that should be used to connect the brackets to the frame. These holes are right under the doors and have rubber plugs in them.
  • If holes are not already been made, you have to drill some. Be aware that drilling holes may make your warranty invalid.
  • The brackets will go on the 1st, 2nd, and 5th Pull the rubber plugs out of your truck’s bigger holes.
  • Place the board on the bracket about 3 inches from the wheel opening. Make sure it lines up with the bolts.
  • Use the perfectly sized bolts that came with it to connect the running board to the bracket. Adjust the running board so that it is level.

How Can Loose Running Boards Be Fixed?

If your loose running boards are creating an unpleasant noise, it is time to learn how to stop it. The required equipment and supplies are a socket wrench and self-adhesive weatherstripping with a thickness of three-quarters of an inch.

  1. Use a socket wrench to take the running board off of its mounting brackets. Take the running board off the brackets that hold it.
  2. Use water and a little bit of mild soap to clean the mounting brackets. You can also clean the mounting bracket and get rid of any mud or rust by using car shampoo.
  3. Get a piece of weatherstripping that sticks to itself and is three-quarters of an inch thick. Attach this piece above the bracket that goes to your car. The old rubber strip will be replaced by this piece.
  4. Put your truck’s mounting brackets back on. Put the small bracket in the bottom hole of your car.

Now you have your running boards fixed and fit!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Are The Running Boards Attached?

There are two kinds of running board installations in addition to a vehicle-specific fit- rocker mount and bushing mount. A rocker mount, also known as a rocker panel mount- attaches the mounting brackets to the vehicle’s rocker panel.

However, there are some pre-existing bolts of the vehicle that are called bushing bolts. The running board can be attached using these bolts as well.

If you are interested to know more about bushing bolts, click here.

2. Do Running Boards Attach With Bolts?

When it comes to adding running boards, you have three options- side steps, running boards, and nerf bars. Among them, running boards do perfectly attach with bolts.

Keep an eye out if the bolt size is compatible with your vehicle’s running board. You can follow the article above to have a better idea of the things you need to know regarding this.

3. Can I Set Up My Running Boards?

Yes, you can. Running boards are usually easy to put on, but if yours are heavy, you might want a friend to help you. Many nerf bars, running boards, and side steps that you buy aftermarket will come with instructions on how to put them on.

4. What Tools Do I Need To Install My Running Board?

Installing a running board is no rocket science. You can easily do it by yourself with the help of a padded mat, gloves and safety glasses, wrenches and socket set, and ratchet. 

Final Words

Running boards require strong bolts to keep in place, particularly if the vehicle is often driven offroad. Knowing the correctly sized bolts for the Chevy Silverado must come in handy during an emergency.

So, it is advised that you have a comprehensive idea about your required Chevy Silverado running board bolt size. The above article should be a good guide throughout your journey to get a good insight in this matter.

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