Do Chevy Silverado And Colorado Use The Same Rims?

As a car enthusiast, I’ve gone through many cars in my life, and Chevrolet is always reliable with their vehicles. Naturally, the Silverado and Colorado do not disappoint by any means. Both these are powerhouses in the truck market. Another thing they may have in common is the rim of their wheels.

So, will Chevy Silverado rims fit on a Colorado? Well, the short answer is that- if the rim size and bolt pattern on both vehicles match, then yes. This is, unfortunately, easier said than done as there are several models of both trucks, and each model has multiple tire options.

Before finally deciphering whether or not the rims on the two vehicles match, I will be discussing the following topics-

  • Why It Is Crucial To Switch Rims Sometimes
  • The Best Methods To Change Rims
  • Silverado Vs. Colorado: Which is the better truck?

Why Is It Important To Change Rims?

Changing rims may seem arbitrary at first glance, but it is important for car maintenance as it can quite literally break a vehicle. Here is how-

1. Aesthetics

Before I get into how it could damage a vehicle, I want to cover why most people change rims. Some cars come with rims that don’t suit the owner’s choice. Changing that can elevate the looks of a vehicle big time.

2. Structural Damage

Rims take on a lot over the years. They are essentially holding together the wheel. Whenever a tire goes over a pothole or drives through a bumpy road, it takes the brunt of the damage.

This weakens the structure and makes it difficult for a wheel to stay in one piece. A damaged rim is easy to spot as the tires will start leaking much more quickly than usual.

It is very dangerous to ignore such an issue. If the rim completely gives out, the tires can no longer function. At such a moment, changing the wheels will be necessary. This video can help a lot to understand the procedure.

How To Change Rims On A Wheel?

Changing the rims on a tire sounds very difficult. But in reality, it is a pretty easy process. There are two ways of doing it and neither is challenging.

1. The DIY Method

This is certainly the harder method among the two, but it saves a lot of money provided that another vehicle available.

I simply let the air out of the tire, sprayed the rim with soapy water, placed a 2-by-4 over, and drove over it. All that was left to do was pry the rim open and install new ones. This video is an excellent visual guide.

2. Going To A Mechanic

This method is infinitely easier as there is no work involved. I took the car to an auto repair shop and they switched it out for me.

Is It Wise To Switch From Silverado To Colorado?

This is arguably the most important question covered in this article. Both these trucks are great options. So, picking one definite winner is impossible. Each caters to a specific audience. On top of that, there are so many models to choose from. This table illustrates the differences between each and should help decide on switching.

SizePick-up TruckMidsize
Price RangeExpensiveBudget-friendly
Engine OptionsI4, V6, V8I4, V6
Fuel EconomyUp to 24 mpgUp to 30 mpg

Can Silverado Rims Be Used On A Colorado?

If the rim and bolt pattern size of the wheels on a Silverado match that on a Colorado- it’s a win. If not- it will not work. So, check the bolt pattern and rim sizes of both vehicles.

Will Rims Of Cars Of Other Companies Work As Well?

As long as the bolt pattern matches the car’s, any rim will work just fine with a particular vehicle. If a rim isn’t fitting, it’s always a bad idea to try and force it in as it may cause issues down the line.

Can I Purchase Only Rims Online?

Yes. There are several reliable brands selling rims on the internet. OE Wheels is one such brand and this 20-inch rim would just fine with either a Silverado or Colorado.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Often Should I Change The Rims Of My Wheels?

This depends on the frequency of usage. A heavily used car will need a change in rims quite often as it undergoes a lot more stress over its lifetime. In general, rims comfortably last around 4 years. Beyond that, it is hard to estimate.  Chevrolet rims tend to last a good while.

2. Is It Worth Investing In Expensive Rims?

This too is reliant on how often the vehicle is taken out for a spin. A costly rim can take a lot more damage before it shows any signs of weakening. I think it is reasonable to splurge as this isn’t a frequent purchase.

3. Is The DIY Method Of Removing Wheels Safe?

The DIY method I discussed will not damage the wheels or the rims if followed exactly. However, it is quite easy to mess up and may even cause injuries. Those who lack the confidence to execute it perfectly should opt for professional help.

4. What Are The Best Brands For Rims?

For rims, the brand name doesn’t carry a lot of weight as there are so many different types of cars to tend to. If we must give names- Korig and Enkei are usually solid bets.

Final Words

I hope this article was able to answer the question- will Chevy Silverado rims fit on a Colorado? Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to give a one-word answer as it varies from model to model. The lists I provided do provide a clear idea of whether or not the rims will fit, however.

If there’s one thing to take from this article, it’s that changing rims is necessary for a car’s health at one point. Best of luck on maintaining vehicles in their peak conditions.

Hi, this is Johnny Norris grew up in a car-oriented family. I love helping people by solving different problems they face in their Chevy car. Following my suggestions, how-to guides, you can save up on a lot of money that would have been spent on paying a professional.

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