Silverado Feels Like Going Over Rumble Strips? – 8 Common Causes

Silverado is perhaps one of the most reliable trucks today, thanks to its many advanced safety features. Even so, this pickup is still prone to developing a few mechanical issues. One common problem I have seen is Silverado feeling like it’s going over rumble strips. But what causes this issue?

This may occur for various reasons, such as your Silverado’s wheels being entirely out of balance. Sometimes it could be due to the tires, brake rotors, and different parts of the suspension system being worn out. Or the torque converter could have shuddered.

In this guide, I will discuss everything there is to know about why Silverado feels like going over rumble strips. So, keep reading.

silverado feels like going over rumble strips

Silverado Feels Like Going Over Rumble Strips?

When driving over rumble strips, I usually experience loud, growling noises and vibrations in my Silverado. Of course, this is normal. But what happens when you hear these sounds while driving on a smooth road with no rumble strips? Below, I will explain some possible causes of such vibrations. 

1. Out-of-balance wheels

Your Silverado could feel like going over rumble strips when driving at high speeds due to unbalanced wheels. This mainly occurs due to the tires being unevenly worn out.

Generally, if the rear wheels are not aligned, you will feel the vibrations throughout your truck’s body. But the shaking will be most vigorous around the steering wheel if it is just the front wheels that are imbalanced.

2. Damaged tires

Sometimes, the feeling of going over rumble strips on your Silverado could be due to damaged wheels. It could be the tires have cuts, bulges, cracks, separated treads, or are unevenly worn out. Apart from that, the tires could be loose due to the lug nuts not being tightened properly.

3. Worn-out rotors

It is not uncommon for Silverado’s brake rotors to get warped over time due to heavy wear and tear. Unfortunately, when the rotors become too thin, your Silverado may produce a rumble strip vibration every time you brake.

4. Defective wheel bearings

On many occasions, I have witnessed lousy wheel bearings being the cause of vibrations in the steering wheel of a Chevy Silverado. If the wheel bearings are defective, you may hear growling noises when driving straight and cornering. And as you cruise faster, the noises usually become louder and the vibrations stronger.

5. Bent or imbalanced drive shaft

If experiencing intense vibrations underneath your Silverado, the front or rear drive shafts could be out of balance and bent. This can be due to broken welds, dirt build-up, or missing balance weights. Worn, loose, or broken U-joints may also be the cause of the imbalanced drive shafts.

6. Problem with the transmission mount

During hard acceleration or sudden braking, your Silverado may feel like going over rumble strips due to the worn-out transmission mount. If this is the case, I suggest having the mounts replaced as soon as possible. Because if not, it could lead to further damage, like a Chevy Silverado gear shifter not working due to leaking transmission fluid.

7. CV axle issues

CV axles are situated next to your Silverado’s wheels. Their role is to transmit power from the engine to the wheels. So, when the axles are worn out or defective, you may hear unwanted vibrations in your vehicle, especially when cornering.

8. Malfunctioning torque converter

A torque converter is a fluid coupling whose role is to transmit power to the transmission from the engine. When it starts malfunctioning due to fluid problems, worn clutch, or valves, your Silverado may feel shuddering or vibrating. This feeling occurs every time you step on the gas pedal.

How To Fix A Silverado That Feels Like Going Over Rumble Strips?

I can’t say that there is a one-size-fits-all solution. The rumble strip noise could be due to various reasons, like soft Chevy Silverado brakes. Below is a step-by-step guide to help you fix your vehicle.

Step 1: Performing diagnostic tests

Immediately after you notice the vibrations in your Silverado, I suggest you take it to a dealership near you or an auto-repair shop. This way, a certified technician can quickly diagnose the problem and advise accordingly on what to do.

Step 2: Fixing the wheels problems

To fix imbalanced tires, you simply use a wheel balancer. You could also apply small extra weights to the wheels. But for worn-out tires, you must replace them with new ones and tighten the lug nuts securely.

Step 3: Replace any defective parts

You don’t need to replace everything in your Silverado. However, if the brake rotors are worn out, you should get new Power Stop KC2069-36 Z36 Drilled/Slotted Brake Rotors. These rotors are available on Amazon, and you can check their price here.

Additionally, you might have to replace the CV axles, transmission mount, wheel bearings, and torque converter.


In this section, I will respond to commonly asked questions regarding Silverado feeling like it is hitting rumble strips.

Can faulty spark plugs cause rumble strip vibration in my Silverado?

Yes. Worn-out or faulty spark plugs don’t generate enough sparks needed for starting your Silverado’s engine. When this happens, your truck may feel like you are driving over rumble strips at high speeds. 

Why does my 2018 Silverado feel like going over rumble strips?

Unfortunately, there are many reasons this could happen. It could be that the wheels are worn out or not properly balanced. Sometimes, your Silverado’s wheel bearing, transmission mount, and brake rotors could be defective.

Why my Chevy Silverado feels like hitting rumble strips when accelerating?

The primary cause of this problem is usually broken engine mounts. The rumble strip vibration may occur even with just one broken mount system. A bent driveshaft can also be the reason for the rumble strip noise.

Can worn-out suspension parts cause rumble strip vibration in Silverado?

Yes. The suspension system of your Silverado comprises different parts, including springs, rods, joints, bushings, and bearings. If any of these parts is worn out or loose, you may hear a clunking noise, especially when turning your truck.


Silverado feels like going over rumble strips, even among other vehicle models, is a common issue. This problem occurs for several reasons, including imbalanced wheels, defective transmission mounts, and worn-out rotors. Therefore, having a certified technician perform a proper diagnostic on your Silverado is essential. This way, you can know how to fix the vibration.

Hi, this is Johnny Norris grew up in a car-oriented family. I love helping people by solving different problems they face in their Chevy car. Following my suggestions, how-to guides, you can save up on a lot of money that would have been spent on paying a professional.