Does GMC Canyon Wheels Fit Silverado? Find Out If They Are Interchangeable

A lot of people have compared the GMC Canyon with the Silverado in the past. These are vehicles with a few key similarities. This is why they often face brutal comparisons.

Now, you might be wondering, since both the vehicles have a lot in common, will GMC Canyon wheels fit Silverado? And it is a valid question. What if you’re in a pinch and you have nothing but a GMC Canyon wheel at hand, will you be able to use it on the Silverado?

While these are topics that need to be discussed in great detail, I can only tell you this much; yes, GMC Canyon wheels will fit a Silverado. But there are a lot of other constraints to this method. For example, you need to consider the rim width before you interchange the wheels.

But as I’ve said, you can interchange the wheels. Here is more on how you can do that.

will gmc canyon wheels fit silverado

Will GMC Canyon Wheels Fit Silverado?

I’m here to answer your one burning question, will GMC Canyon wheels fit Silverado? In one short answer, yes, the Canyon wheels will fit perfectly with the Chevy Silverado. This is because the center bore is 78 millimeters.

However, there comes a small issue when you want to install the rims. The rims on the Canyon are larger than Silverado. So if you want to install the rims, you have to get bigger wheels.

A lot of people do so, to fit the rims. But adding bigger wheels to your vehicle might look cool but it has a lot of disadvantages. Bigger wheels reduce the fuel efficiency of the vehicle significantly. Adding larger wheels will also make the vehicle heavier than it already is.

The only time you might have issues with the wheels not fitting is when you buy wheels for a different model. If the rim size, width, and offset don’t line up, you’ve probably bought the wrong model of the wheel. And if it matches the size, then it will fit perfectly.

A great way to be sure that the GMC wheel will fit your vehicle is to measure the center hub diameter. If it is a standard 6-lug rim, it will be compatible with both GMC and the Silverado.

In case you are wondering- will 20-inch rims fit a Chevy Silverado 1500, you are welcome to check my article on this issue.

Things To Consider When Interchanging Silverado Wheels

There are a lot of things that you will have to consider before you go ahead and change the wheels of your Silverado with other ones.

Firstly, you will have to make sure that the rim width is the same. Then you also have to see whether the offset matches with the tires. If the rims are too narrow or too wide, it could also cause an issue. Therefore it is recommended that you check the diameter of the rim before the fitment process.

A great way to be sure about whether or not the GMC wheels will fit is to check and match the details on the rim’s mounting plate. You can also try matching the info of the rim spoke back to be sure about compatibility.

Sometimes the case of wheel changing is a bit different. You could have the perfectly compatible wheel with you, but not be able to use it properly because you didn’t install it right.

Watching a good Silverado wheel-changing video can be quite beneficial at times like these. The video will show you exactly what you need to do step by step. Another good thing to do is to use the right tools. There are many high-quality wheel-changing tools such as the NEIKO 20601A 14.5” Steel Tire Spoons Tool Set, and the Dorman 926-000 Spare Tire Jack Handle, that can be good to keep at hand.

Some Key Differences Between The Silverado And Canyon

Both the Canyon and Silverado are lightweight trucks. They are used for an everyday commute. When compared, the Canyon is significantly cheaper than Silverado. So are its parts. That is one of the main reasons why people think about swapping Silverado wheels with Canyon ones.

The Canyon can be a bit easy on the wallet, but it is not as durable and versatile as the Silverado. Silverado comes with a lot of added safety features. The truck can be used for long drives and long hours of work. So it is a truck for both work and play.

If work is your main purpose, the Silverado might just be the better option. It has an amazing towing capacity. Besides being able to tow about 13,400 pounds, the vehicle also provides more space.

But yes, sometimes the Silverado shows some problems with functionality too. There is a door lock problem that a lot of users face. Sometimes the Silverado stays running with the key off.

In case you face such situations, you may like to check my guides on how to unlock a chevy Silverado door without a key and also, how to start a 2001 chevy Silverado without a key.

Better visibility and good enough space are the two key benefits of the Canyon besides being affordable.

Comparison Chart

Towing Capacity13,400 pounds7700 Pounds
UseRecreational and WorkMostly Work

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Models Of The Silverado Can Run With Interchanged Wheels?

Models from the years 1987 to 1995 can be used with interchanged wheels to some extent. Newer models are more compatible with interchangeable or exterior brand wheels.

2. What Is The Difference Between GMC And Silverado Rims?

The rims are more or less the same if they have the same bolt pattern. Since there is no key difference between the rims, they can be swapped quite easily. There is only a difference in the rims of older models vs the newer models.

Can You Use A Colorado 2020 Wheel On Silverado?

Both Colorado and Silverado wheels have a large center bore. Therefore, both wheels fit a Silverado perfectly. Remember, you can add a Colorado wheel to a Silverado, but you cannot add a Silverado wheel to a Colorado.

4. What Kind Of Lug Pattern Does The 6-Lug Chevy Silverado Have?

The design is a classic pcd 6×139. 7 (6X5. 5).

Final Words

I’m sure by the end of this article you won’t be asking yourself will GMC Canyon wheels fit Silverado anymore. Since both lightweight trucks have so much in common, there is a huge success rate with part interchangeability.

You can swap the wheels between the two vehicles with no hassle at all. The only difference between the two vehicles is that one is cheaper and the other isn’t. Yes, Silverado does have a lot of added benefits and cool features that make it more expensive, but that is a topic for another day.

For now, just know that you can use GMC Canyon wheels on a Silverado easily!

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