How To Do Silverado Center Console Swap?

People often go for a center console swap to add more space to their vehicle. The swapping is also done to create a space for beverages or an armrest inside the car. it’s a very simple process that when done correctly can have no negative effect on your truck. If you own a Chevy Silverado, swapping the center console can create more space for you.

Chevy Silverado center console swap is a very easy process when you have the right tools and knowledge.

But the question is- can you change the center console of the Chevy Silverado? To summarize, yes you can swap a center console on the Chevy Silverado. You need to have the right tools and the expertise to do it on your own. Otherwise, you can also contact a professional. The entire process takes just about 2 hours.

Why Swap The Center Console Of A Silverado?

The main reason why people consider swapping the center console on a Silverado is to make more storage space. Swapping the center console allows you to add an extra armrest or slots where you can put your beverages as you drive.

Because this is a truck that people use for a wide range of activities, storage space can be an issue. Increasing the storage space allows people to carry more and worry less.

Does The Center Console Swap Cause Any Harm To The Silverado?

If done correctly, the swapping process will not cause any harm to the Chevy Silverado. You need to have an ample amount of knowledge about what you are doing and you also need the right tools.

For example, you will need a good quality 11 mm and 15 mm socket and wrench such as the performance tool w30409 flare nut wrench, you will also need a good quality 350 Torx bit, such as the tekton 3/8 in drive t50 Torx bit.

You will also need the replacement console ready to go. With the right tools and the right procedure, swapping the center console in your Chevy Silverado has no possibility of causing harm. The performance will not be affected.

How To Swap The Center Console Of A Silverado?

The swapping procedure is fairly easy. You will need a good quality 11 mm and 15 mm socket and wrench set. With that, a T50 Torx bit, and a small pic will also be useful. Remember, you need to have the replacement console ready when you start the swapping procedure.

Then, all you have to do is remove the Chevy Silverado center console. To do this you might have to remove both the passenger and the driver-side seats. This is a fairly easy procedure if you can locate the nuts and balls. After removing the seats, you need to start the installation procedure.

If you’re using a two-section installation, install the first part directly under the control panel. Bolt it in and then install the center section. Make sure that the setting fits snugly but not too tight. Everything should be lined correctly before you bolt it down permanently.

The single construct Center console can be a bit difficult to install depending on your skill level. This part might require you to remove the bottom part of the dash section entirely. But, there are newer center consoles that are much easier to install now.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Models Of The Chevy Silverado Have Center Consoles?

A lot of the models such as the 2021 Chevy Silverado 1500 LTZ, the 2000 Chevy Silverado, and even the 2017 Chevy Silverado have a center console.

Any model above the 2017 Silverado 1500 has a pre-installed center console. Therefore, you won’t have to swap or replace it.

2. What Are The Types Of Center Consoles Available?

During the swapping procedure, you will be introduced to two types of center consoles.

There is an older console that comes with a two-part assembly procedure. This model is designed to be installed right under the dash section where the cigarette lighter and the power outlets are located. The first part of the installation is set up here. The other section is an extended part from the first one that goes between the endings of the seat true to the back part of the front seats.

The second option is a single console that when installed starts from the dash and ends within the front seats. This kind of center console can be spotted on newer models of the Silverado.

3. Which Kind Of Center Console Is Easiest To Install?

It might sound like the two-part center console is more difficult to install, but in reality, the unified console is the trickier one. Since the newer center console has a lot more components, it requires a more intrusive and thorough replacement procedure. Most of the time it can only be done by a professional.

4. Does The Dash Section Of The Silverado Have To Be Removed When Replacing Or Swapping The Center Console?

If you are installing a unified single console, you might have to remove the entire bottom part of a dash section. This is a very complicated procedure and should only be done by professionals. The dash sections have to be removed and replaced for both the passenger and driver seat sides.

Final Words

The Silverado Center console swap is not that difficult of a procedure. You can do it quite easily if you have the right tools and the right knowledge.

Swapping the center console will give you more space for an armrest and storage. So, this is often a procedure that people prefer doing in the earlier stage of owning a Silverado.

You can get through with this procedure without causing any harm to the performance of your Silverado. Just be sure to get it done by a professional if the procedure sounds too complicated for you.

Generally, there is a huge aftermarket for the consoles, and you will be able to get your hands on one quite easily. Just be sure to do your research properly before you put your money on a center console.

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