How Does Silverado Make Trailer Disappear? Simple Answer

A Silverado’s powerful engine can tow about 13,000 pounds. But in my experience, the weight towed ultimately depends on the trailer box configuration. A big trailer carries more but will obstruct the driver’s view of the road behind.

How does Silverado make trailer disappear? The Silverado uses cameras to capture images of the road behind the trailer and combine them in a manner that effectively makes the trailer invisible. Hence, a driver can haul a huge trailer without sacrificing road visibility.

So, What is there invisibility potion? What are the benefits of this feature? In this article, I’ll be explaining that and more.

How Does Silverado Make Trailer Disappear?

This innovative feature uses cameras to give the driver a view of the road behind the truck as though the trailer weren’t there.

This interesting technology employs the use of eight cameras to create a view of the tow and road from 15 different angles. There are cameras behind the vehicle, in front of the trailer, and some on the trailer’s backside. To hide the trailer, the system lines up the pictures taken by the cameras.

The software selects camera angles according to where obstacles are detected to provide a good view for the driver. There’s also an option for manual camera switching that allows a driver to select whatever view is needed.

Whatever angle is chosen, the software uses the trailer’s edges as an outline onto which the image captured by the camera behind the trailer is projected. This projection hides the trailer while simultaneously showing what the road behind it looks like. Hence, when you turn on the trailer-hiding feature, you see a clear view of the road behind the trailer.

Can All Silverado Models Make Trailers Disappear?

Although Chevy Silverados are renowned for their trailer towing capabilities, not all of them have the transparent trailer feature. This feature was added to the Silverado series in 2020, meaning that older models don’t come from the factory with it.

The trailer hiding feature is limited to the Silverado HD truck models such as the 1500 HD, 2500 HD, and 3500 HD.

How To Set Up The See-Through Trailer System?

Whether you know how to reset service brake system light Silverado or not, setting up the see-through trailer system is simple. In this section, I’ll take you through how to install the system.

The tools and equipment needed include;

  1. Wrenches
  2. Tape measure
  3. Ladder
  4. Drills
  5. Wire cutter
  6. Secondary trailer camera
  7. Technology Package

Before you install the cameras, ensure that your trailer is compatible and not longer than 32 feet.

Step 1: Mount the camera on the trailer

The camera at the back of the trailer is a vital system component that must be mounted precisely. To mount it in the correct position;

  • Center the camera horizontally at the back of the trailer.
  • Place it higher than the camera on the truck’s tailgate.
  • Place it at a 35-degree downward angle relative to the horizontal plane. Some mountings have preset marks to make it easier to find this angle.

With the camera in position, use the manufacturer’s instructions to correctly route the wires around the trailer to the hitch. Connect the wires to the camera port via the hitch.

Step 2: Input the trailer’s size into the system

Select the trailer symbol on your truck’s touchscreen to enter the trailer’s size. The system will require you to enter several measurements, including the length and width,  to create the trailer profile.

Since the system requires several measurements to create an accurate profile, you may have to shuffle back and forth between the infotainment screen and the trailer. Download the myChevrolet app to enter the dimensions and sync the data with the truck’s system later.

Step 3: Fine tune the view

Fine-tuning the view means calibrating the trailer measurements you entered so that the trailer becomes invisible. This step is best performed at speeds lower than 50km/h, so the process will stop if the truck moves at higher speeds. Once you finish fine-tuning, the invisible trailer feature activates.

How Is The Invisible Trailer System Beneficial?

Using the Silverado’s invisible trailer system makes towing easier for me in the following ways;

1. Lane switching

When I want to switch lanes on the highway, the transparent trailer feature lets me see everything behind the trailer, including any cars in my blind spot. Hence, this feature will make lane-switching a seamless task.

2. Driving and parking in crowded areas

The invisible trailer feature gives me a great view around and behind the trailer, allowing me to squeeze into narrow or crowded spaces.

3. Road safety

The see-through trailer feature promotes safe driving because I can see everything, including blind spots, even when towing huge trailer boxes. When my chevy Silverado brake lights won’t turn off, indicating a braking issue, the transparent trailer feature prevents collisions while reversing into a narrow auto shop.


Here are some answers to common questions about the transparent trailer feature.

How many modes does the transparent trailer feature have?

The see-through trailer system has three modes. Hitching mode allows you to connect the trailer easily; driving mode is when the truck moves, and parking mode ensures seamless parking.

Can I add the see-through trailer system to my old truck?

Yes, you can add the see-through trailer system to your old truck. However, since older trucks do not have modern infotainment computers, you have to buy a full kit like this one and install it to have the feature.

Is the disappearing trailer feature compatible with all trailers?

No, the system only works with camping or box-style trailers that have a normal hitch and are 32 feet or shorter.

How do I troubleshoot the transparent trailer system?

If you’re experiencing problems with the invisible trailer feature, I suggest you start by inspecting the cameras and ensuring they all work correctly. Next, check all the wiring and fix any open circuits. It’s also important to ensure that the system is well-calibrated with the correct trailer dimensions.


The invisible trailer feature on Silverados uses images from cameras to hide the trailer box. This feature makes towing a trailer with your Silverado safer and more convenient, even in narrow spaces or heavy traffic.

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