Brake Lights Won’t Turn Off Chevy Silverado? Reasons & Fixes

Whether it be a car, SUV, or a Chevy Silverado, brake lights (tail lights) are essential for any vehicle owner. As a result, keeping brake lights in the functional condition is every driver’s duty.

So, what do you do when brake lights won’t turn off in a Chevy Silverado? You must find the core reasons and then fix them. Long story short, faulty brake light switches and CAN-BUS system malfunction are the reasons for failure in the lighting system. On the other hand, fixes involve repairing the brake pedal and brake circuit.

As a constant interactor of a Chevy Silverado, I have come across these problems a lot. Hence this article on the solutions so that you can identify the issue yourself.  Let’s get straight to the point!

brake lights wont turn off chevy silverado

Reasons For Your Chevy Silverado Brake Lights Not Turning Off

I will talk about three points that primarily cause your Chevy Silverado’s brake light not to turn off. The list is arranged from the least likely reason to the most likely cause. Yet, there may be many other reasons for which you are facing this problem, but certainly, these three are the must-check ones.

Defective Brake Light Switch

It is possible for the brake light switch at the lever to malfunction. When you push the pedal, it seems to move as it should, but it won’t turn off the electrical signal that turns on the brake lights.

This specific switch was made by Silverado manufacturers to be incredibly reliable. Thus, failures like this don’t happen often. However, it is still possible for it to malfunction and leaves your brake lights on all the time.

On the other hand, in some vehicles, the brake light switch plunger makes contact with a rubber or plastic bumper on the brake pedal lever. This bumper may malfunction, split apart, or fall off. As a result, the switch plunger will extend in the absence of a bumper, turning on the brake lights.

You can easily identify a failing bumper if your brake lights won’t switch off and you discover small pieces of plastic or rubber around the brake pedal.

Human Error

Here, the issue is not with your truck but with you. Brake pedals are delicate and designed to stop your vehicle quickly and in the proper manner. Nevertheless, because they are delicate, it leaves room for human error.

You can unconsciously or consciously have a habit of resting your foot on the brake. As you may instantly push it with your toes to stop your car in the shortest amount of time, it may also be done for safety. Apparently, it could be one of the causes of the problem with the non-stop brake lights.

The braking lights may be triggered if your foot is resting on the brake pedal, which will prevent the lights from turning off. It’s a rather typical error that, most of the time, goes unnoticed.

Yet, if you are wondering why your chevy Silverado brakes soft despite such a good braking system, then don’t worry. I have covered that as well.

CAN-BUS System

The Electronic Control Units (ECUs) used in modern vehicles and other equipment can interact with one another in a dependable, priority-driven manner. It’s because of the message-based CAN-BUs protocol that makes it happen. As a result, problems in the CAN-BUS system can lead to brake lights issue.

Here, you have nothing to do but show a professional to fix it.

How To Fix Chevy Silverado Brake Lights Not Turning Off?

Now that you know why your Silverado might be going through this problem, let’s look at the fixes.

Repairing The Brake Pedal Stopper

The stopper’s duty is to keep the brake pedal from sinking too far when pushed. Brake pedal stoppers, which are made of hard plastic, may eventually become loose from repeated use. Additionally, they might not be in their proper alignment when they are not being foot-rested or pressed.

As a result, if the pedal stopper is damaged or loose, you should certainly replace it. It’s one of the easiest jobs in the world, and giving it a second thought is not worth it.

Replacing Brake Light Switch Circuit System Wireworks

The tubing could burn out and prevent the brake lights from turning off. In essence, this indicates that the circuit is closed even though the switch is open. Yet, repairing it would not be the ideal option that you have. Rather replacing it is the efficient option here.

Replacing Brake Light Switch Itself

The brake light switch is vulnerable to problems itself. The problem is that to close or open the circuit, you must physically press the device. As the switch’s mechanism could deteriorate over time due to long time use and strain. Consequently, the switch not functioning properly.

The only good option you have here is to replace it with a new one. I recommend the GM Genuine Parts D1586H Brake Light Switch. It’s the best in the market so far.


Now let’s get to the FAQ section. Personally, I enjoy this section since I get to answer your concerns and issues. So let’s begin straight away.

Why do my brake lights continue to flash even when the truck is off?

The most frequent reason why brake lights stay on while the car is off is a faulty brake light switch or brake light switch stopper.

Where is a brake light switch located in a Silverado?

The brake light switch is typically located directly above the brake pedal in automobiles.

Is repairing a brake light switch easy in a Silverado?

Yes. The switch is conveniently placed just next to the brake pedal, making it easier for you to get ahold of.

Can you add a factory trailer brake controller Silverado?

Yes, you can. If you are wondering how can you add factory trailer brake controller Silverado, I have covered it in detail. Check it out


To conclude, I hope it was enough to answer your question of why the brake lights won’t turn off Chevy Silverado. There are only three primary reasons that you need to be aware of. They are; a defective brake light switch, resting your foot on the pedal, and a malfunctioning can-bus system.

On the other hand, the fixes are simple as well. Repair the brake pedal stopper, and replace the wirings in the brake light switch or brake light switch itself. Once you identify where the problem is, the fixing part becomes easier.

Hi, this is Johnny Norris grew up in a car-oriented family. I love helping people by solving different problems they face in their Chevy car. Following my suggestions, how-to guides, you can save up on a lot of money that would have been spent on paying a professional.