What Is The Required Lift Size For 35-Inch Tires Silverado And How To Install These Large Tires?

The Chevy Silverado is one of the most popular tracks in the market right now. And we must say, that it is well deserved. The vehicle truly does have a lot of unique benefits.

Although there are very few people who are dissatisfied with the Chevy Silverado’s performance, a lot of people like to make personal modifications to the truck.

One of the most popular modifications that people like to make is to the wheels. People like to install larger and wider wheels on their Chevy Silverado to add better stability.

You might be wondering, what size lift do I need for 35-inch tires Silverado? Well, firstly, the 35-inch wheel does require a lift for installation that is for sure. Since the 35-inch wheel is big, you will need a large lift. It is recommended that you get at least 3.5 to 6 inches of lift when installing these large-sized wheels.

There’s a lot more that you need to know about the set of procedures and adjustment periods of these wheels. Keep on reading to learn more.

what size lift do i need for 35 inch tires silverado

Benefits Of Adding A 35 Inch Wheel To The Chevy Silverado

A lot of people might think that adding larger tires to their vehicles is for the sole purpose of looks. Yes, adding larger tires does make the Chevy Silverado look more appealing to the eyes, but this is not the only reason why people spend so much money to install these larger sets of tires.

One of the main benefits that you get by installing bigger tires is that it gives you amazing off-road performance. That is why you will see that most of the people who make these modifications are people who use their trucks for long-distance commutes on a day-to-day basis.

If you have to go off the terrain, bigger wheels will be your best friend. They provide better traction, better grip, and also better stability. Bigger wheels help your vehicle’s suspension when traveling off-road as well.

Off-road driving experiences include running over rocky roads. Only a larger set of wheels will be able to handle these kinds of harsh rocky terrains. Not only does the wheel provide protection off-road, but it also gives you a smoother experience on road.

Not all roads are the same. Sometimes we have to drive over roads that are not as smooth as the roads we are used to. Having larger wheels on the Chevy Silverado will make sure that you get a better and bump-free driving experience when traveling to neighboring cities.

Besides giving better stability, bigger tires are also safer. With the additional lift that you get from using bigger tires, you are capable of seeing a greater percentage of the road than other people on smaller vehicles. While this makes the driving experience more enjoyable, it also gives you a better view to stay safer.

If you want to know more about the benefits of 35-inch tires on trucks, you can watch this pros & cons video.

What Size Lift Do You Need For 35 Inch Tires On Silverado?

Not only the Silverado, but most trucks need a lift to accommodate larger 35-inch tires. Only a few vehicles such as the Ford bronco can run with 35-inch wheels without needing any lift or modifications. These models often come with trims included from the factory.

But you will need a lift on the Chevy Silverado to accommodate 35-inch wheels. The lift can be anywhere between 3.5 to 6 inches, depending on the model of the vehicle you are working on.

After the lift, you will also need to modify the factory stock fenders that come with the vehicle. This is a necessary step that you need to take to achieve better and full suspension compression.

The installation process will be easier if you have the right tools. Getting a good quality and well-rated lift kit such as the Superlift 3600 3.5 inch lift kit with shadow series rear shocks, and a good pair of lug nut wrenches such as the Torin TRX31101-14F professional 14-in universal heavy duty 4-way cross lug wrench for the wheel removal and set up will make sure you get the right installation.

The 33-inch wheel is among the popular ones for this kind of modification. The 33-inch wheel also does require a little bit of lift for installation. Read more about the size of lift needed for 33-inch tires Silverado here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Models Of The Chevy Silverado Can You Install 35 Inch Tires On?

The older models of Chevy Silverado will probably not be able to adjust to these large tires as well as the newer models.

With adjustments made, you can install 35-inch wheels on almost all Chevy Silverado models. But, these adjustments can prove to be quite expensive.

It is better if you add 35-inch wheels to the 2007 to 2018 models of the Chevy Silverado and the Chevy Sierra 1500 model. They have a better capacity to adjust to the wheel size.
If you want to know more about different wheel sizes and their compatibility with the Silverado, you can check my article on whether does 285/60r20 wheel size fits Silverado or not.

2. What Other Size Of Tire Can You Add To The Chevy Silverado If The 35 Inch Does Not Fit?

If for some reason the 35-inch wheel does not fit your Chevy Silverado, or if you don’t want to go through that many adjustments, you can try out the other popular larger sizes such as the 33-inch, 34-inch, or 33.5-inch.
These tires will be able to provide similar kinds of stability and traction to the 35-inch tire.

3. How Do Bigger Tires Affect Transmission?

While adding bigger tires to the Chevy Silverado will give you a lot of benefits, unfortunately, it does have one small disadvantage.

With the large number of advantages that come with the 35-inch wheel, comes a slight disadvantage of bad drive lower drive ratio.

Adding larger wheels to the vehicle, therefore, affects the transmission negatively.

4. Will The 35 Inch Tire Result In More Cost?

Yes, larger wheels decrease fuel economy significantly. This is because they are much heavier than smaller tires. Therefore you might have to pay more for gas.

To mention, the adjustments required to set up the larger set of tires have their own cost as well.

Final Words

Adding 35-inch tires to the Chevy Silverado has a lot of benefits. You will notice a performance improvement almost instantaneously when driving off-road.

But, when it comes to installation, you might be asking yourself, what size lift do I need for 35-inch tires Silverado? The answer to this question is about 3.5 to 6 inches.

This kind of lift kit is white common and easily available in any kind of mechanic store. Therefore you won’t have too much trouble installing these larger sets of tires onto the vehicle.

So what are you waiting for? Get those larger tires and enjoy your off-road drive!

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