P0102 Chevy Silverado? – Everything You Need To Know About the Code

Your Chevy Silverado will trigger various diagnostic codes to tell you your truck has a problem. And it does not matter what Silverado model you have. For instance, you could get a p0442 code chevy Silverado due to a leak in the EVAP system. But I am here to discuss what causes the P0102 Chevy Silverado., and how you can eliminate it.

The P0102 is a trouble code triggered when there is a problem with your truck’s Mass AirFlow (MAF) sensor’s performance. The sensor’s performance is typically affected by damaged wiring, a dirty air filter, a vacuum leak, or a blown-out fuse. Dust build-up on the mass airflow sensor itself could also trigger the P0102 code.

So then, how do you fix the Chevy Silverado P0102? I have outlined an easy step-by-step guide to help you get rid of this annoyance.

p0102 chevy silverado

What Does P0102 Code On Chevy Silverado Mean?

P0102 Chevy Silverado is a diagnostic trouble code indicating low voltage input in the Mass Airflow (MAF) circuit or sensor. The code suggests the mass airflow sensor is faulty.

Typically, the MAF sensor is built to measure the amount of air mass flowing into your truck’s engine intake. This helps achieve the ideal air-fuel ratio in your 2013 Silverado 5.3L. And that ratio is around 14.7 parts air to 1 part fuel.

However, if the air-fuel ratio is below the recommended level, the MAF sensor may immediately send the P0102 code to warn you.

You can also tell your Silverado has a malfunctioning MAF sensor if your truck is experiencing the following:

  • Increased fuel consumption
  • The engine is hard to start and stalls often
  • Poor acceleration
  • Engine drags or hesitates under idle or load
  • Lit check engine light
  • Black smoke on the tailpipe

What Triggers the P0102 Chevy Silverado Error Code?

The P0102 error code in Chevy Silverado occurs due to various reasons. It does not matter whether you have a 1998, 2004, 2005, 2011, or 2013 Silverado. The causes include:

Dirt build-up in the MAF sensor

Over time, fine dust particles usually find their way past your Silverado’s engine air filter. When the dust builds up, it can prevent the MAF sensor from functioning optimally, resulting in a P0102 error code.

Loose or damaged wiring

Sometimes, you might find that your truck’s MAF sensor is disconnected or the wiring is damaged. The electrical terminals in the sensor may also be corroded, making it hard for the sensor to measure airflow accurately.

Dirty or clogged air filter

If you often drive in areas with plenty of dust in the air, the air filter can get dirty very fast. Unfortunately, if you let dirt accumulate on the filter, your Silverado may experience a low supply of air into the engine.


A leak in the intake manifold or vacuum of your Chevy Silverado causes a difference in air-fuel ratio. This is because more air usually enters the engine when there is a leakage in the vacuum. Whether the leak is small or big, the computer will send the P0102 code.

Bad oxygen sensor

As your Chevy Silverado ages, the oxygen sensors may become caked with byproducts of combustion, including oil ash, sulfur, and lead. When this happens, it becomes difficult for the sensors to send accurate signals to your vehicle’s engine computer.

Blown fuse

In the 2011 Chevy Silverado 5.3L models, you may experience mass airflow sensor malfunctioning due to a blown-out fuse. When this happens, your truck’s computer may disable the Stabilitrak and traction control features to prevent further damage.

What Repairs Can Solve P0102 Code in Chevy Silverado

The proper repairs depend on the cause of the P0102, just like with the Chevy Silverado transfer case problems. So, below is a guide to fixing a low voltage input in the mass airflow circuit of your truck.

Step 1: Remove the MAF sensor

Start by removing the electrical connector plugged into the MAF sensor by pushing in on the tabs. Then, loosen the outlet hose clamp with an 8mm socket. Next, remove the outlet ducting before loosening the second hose clamp. Lastly, pull out the mass airflow sensor from the intake hose.

Step 2: Clean the MAF sensor

Using the Berryman 2211 Mass Air Flow Sensor cleaner, clean your dirty MAF sensors, including the wiring. You can check out this product’s current price here on Amazon. Let the MAF sensor dry and reinstall it.

Step 3: Check the wiring and fuse

Install the MAF sensor back and see if the code has been resolved. If the P0102 code still appears, check the wiring to see if it is loose or damaged. Then, replace the damaged wires if necessary.

Step 4: Replace the MAF sensor

If repairing the wiring and cleaning the MAF sensor does not solve the P0102 problem, you should replace the entire sensor. You can install a new AA Ignition Mass Air Flow Sensor, which works for 1999-2007 Chevy Silverado models. The sensor is available on Amazon (check its current price here).

Step 5: Clean or replace the air filter

Before replacing the MAF sensor, you can check and clean the air filter as it could be a potential culprit. Remove the air filter. Then, clean it with warm soapy water inside a bucket. Next, use a garden faucet to thoroughly rinse the filter until the water runs clear. If the air filter is damaged, simply replace it.

Step 6: Repair the leaks

If leaks are in the vacuum, you will need to replace the intake manifold of your truck’s mass airflow sensor. You could also seal the leak using an RTV silicone sealant or epoxy if it’s small.

Since the guide includes all the possible solutions, you should see the P0102 Chevy Silverado resolved after you start it for a test drive.


Want to learn more about the P0102 Chevy Silverado? Below, I will respond to commonly asked questions.

Is it safe to drive a Chevy Silverado with a P0102 code?

P0102 error code does not put you at any risk. However, fixing the issue as soon as possible is essential to avoid poor acceleration, rough idling, and hard starting.

How much does it cost to repair a P0102 Chevy Silverado?

The costs will vary based on the cause of the P0102. But generally, the repair costs range between $170 and $370, inclusive of labor and diagnosis fee. You can save on the labor cost if you can do it on your own.

What if I don’t fix the Chevy Silverado P0102?

You may experience several drivability issues with your Chevy Silverado, including the engine stalling and running rough. Other issues are excessive fuel consumption, hard starting, and low engine power.

Can P0102 cause engine misfires in Chevy Silverado?

Yes. This happens when the air-to-fuel ratio in the engine is imbalanced due to a faulty mass air flow sensor.


P0102 error code is a quite common issue among different Silverado models. Wondering whether or not the latest models have this issue; well, they have. Check out the article on the 2020 Silverado LD vs LT to see how these modern trucks are also vulnerable to these issues.

The P0102 issues occur due to dirty air filters or mass airflow sensors. Damaged MAF wiring and leaks in the intake manifold can cause the problem. Luckily, it is possible to fix the error code even without going to a garage. Try it my way, and let me know whether it worked well!

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