Identify Maximum Trailering Package of Chevy Silverado

It’s natural to be intrigued when purchasing something as large as a pickup truck. And if you intend to transport hefty loads with it, a maximum trailering package is essential.

But how to tell if Silverado has max trailering package? Well, the answer is quite simple. There is a Regular Production Option (RPO) code inside the glovebox, where the max tailoring package usually has NHT written on it. However, run the VIN or check the pickup truck out properly when purchasing a used vehicle.

There are, however, a few nuances associated with the Silverado max trailering equipment. And I’ve put up this guide to assist you with this knowledge. Here, I’ll walk you through the processes to help you determine whether or not your Silverado has a maximum trailering package.

How To Tell If Silverado Has Max Trailering Package?

Many vehicle owners are perplexed about the maximum trailering package available in their Chevy Silverado. However, knowing about the package is simple if you own a new Silverado.

First, open the glove box on the front seat, and under there you’ll find some RPO information, among which NHT will be written for the max trailering package. You can always ask the dealer whether the package is included in the pickup truck or not. Then, you can ask the dealer to install one or get one installed by a mechanic in your truck.

If you’re looking to buy a used Chevy Silverado, determining the installed package can be tricky. Thus it is wise to do a VIN check beforehand.

On the other hand, you can do the check yourself. Examine the radiator of the pickup vehicle to learn more about the towing package. Vehicles equipped with the maximum trailering package will have an extra cooling radiator beneath the hood.

Features Added To The Chevy Silverado With Max Trailering Package

To find out whether your Chevy Silverado gas max trailering package look out for the added features below.

Improved Cooling

When you pull a high amount of weight with your truck, it creates more pressure on the engine and transmission. And this can often result in different transmission problems (check out the article on 2014 Silverado transmission problems for more info). The max trailering package comes with an additional radiator for efficient cooling and helps to maintain a constant operating temperature.

Rear Wheel Lock

The max trailering package comes with a rear locking differential which locks both rear wheels to ensure a synchronized performance. This feature makes it easier for the driver to control the vehicle while pulling heavy weight. Moreover, the locked rear wheels make control easier and reduce pressure on the vehicle.

Larger Rear Axle

To be able to pull more weight with your Silverado, make sure to increase the axle size. An increase in the size of the rear axle of the vehicle will help you to improve the towing capacity. In addition to that, it will protect vital vehicle parts from damage.

Brake Controller

Handling and controlling the brakes of a pickup truck is not easy, especially when it is pulling weight on the trailer. The purpose of the trailer brake controller is to reduce pressure and improve the braking quality of the vehicle.

In addition, this brake controller uses electric power from the truck and ensures a better trailer maneuver.

Strong Spring & Trailer Suspension

The max trailering package comes with strong springs, strengthening the connection between the pickup truck and trailer. This strong connection works great and helps to prevent a bumpy ride.

Installation of the max trailering package features a trailer suspension for the Chevy Silverado pickup truck. This trailer suspension feature makes the vehicle move smoothly on the road and ensures better control.

Improved Towing Capacity

The towing capacity of the Chevy Silverado improves significantly after equipping the max trailering package. This allows the driver to pull a more significant amount of weight without any trouble.


It’s common to be curious before making a big purchase. However, to make things easier for you, I’ve put together some of the most frequently asked questions on the matter.

What Is The Cost Of Equipping The Max Trailering Package In Silverado?

The cost of equipping the max trailering package requires a significant amount of money. This package comes with several added features which increase the price, and this typically ranges between $1000 to $1500.

However, adding this package ensures a comfortable ride and allows you to pull weight with your truck easily.

Why Should I Add The Max Trailering Package To My Chevy Silverado?

Adding the max trailering package to your Chevy Silverado comes with several benefits. And one of the top benefits is the improvement in the towing capacity of the pickup truck.

On top of that, this package improves riding quality and enhances the cooling of the engine and transmission. It also ensures a smooth ride by improving the suspension and equipping strong springs.

Should I Lift My Silverado 4 inches or 6 inches?

The 4 inch lift vs 6 inch lift Silverado argument is nothing new. Many owners are confused about how many inches the pickup truck should be lifted. The 4-inch lift is considered standard in the automobile industry and helps the vehicle run smoothly. On the other hand, the 6-inch lift often increases fuel intake and costs a significant amount of money.

What Is The Difference Between Trailering And Towing Package?

The Chevy Silverado can equip a tow or trailering package to increase the towing capacity. But there is a big difference between the two packages. The trailering package allows the vehicle to pull a trailer. However, the towing packages aren’t specific to trailers; instead, they ensure that the vehicle can tow anything behind it.

Final Verdict

The max trailering package helps the pickup truck operate smoothly on the road while increasing its towing capacity. So, how to tell if Silverado has max trailering package? Simply look behind the glovebox for the ROP code, which is always NHT for the maximum trailering package.

Enhance the functionality and riding quality of your vehicle by equipping the package. However, make sure to check the package properly before purchasing a Chevy Silverado. So, good luck, and drive safe!

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