Chevy Silverado Door Chime Fuse: How To Turn Off That Annoying Ringing?

The Chevy Silverado is a very versatile truck indeed. People often lean towards the vehicle for its amazing capability of adjusting to modifications. After all, people do love making things on their own. 

One thing that is a hit or miss on the Chevy Silverado is the door chime fuse. It is there for safety, but can sometimes be very annoying on the ears. So, what can you do about this Chevy Silverado Door Chime Fuse? 

Luckily, there is a lot that can be done to turn the alarm off. You can find the fuse below the glove box to the right. One of the easiest ways you can silence the alarm is by removing the fuse. 

But before you jump into that, there are a lot of things that you need to consider. For example, finding the right fuse. There are a lot of fuses for a lot of different alarms in the Chevy Silverado. You need to be sure of which one you remove. 

To make this process of fuse removal easier for you, I have written down all that you need to know. 

chevy silverado door chime fuse

What Is Chevy Silverado Door Chime Fuse?

Before you jump into removing the fuse entirety, you need to first understand what a door chime fuse is exactly. 

So, the door chime fuse on a Chevy Silverado is placed to alert you when the vehicle’s door is open for too long. It also alerts you when you have started driving but one of the doors is open. 

It is quite a handy tool. So why do people want to get rid of it? Well firstly, the alarm is quite loud. It takes the word “alert” too seriously. If you some how cannot get the doors to shut quickly, the alarm can be very hard on the ears. 

With time, even the most top-quality vehicles face some issues. It’s the same case with the Chevy Silverado. As time passes, the Chevy Silverado door chime fuse becomes a bit delusional. It might set off the alarm even when the car doors are locked. It can be quite a hassle for you to stop driving and check all the doors when this alarm goes off without any reason. It might even go off in the middle of the drive. Shutting the alarm off is also time-consuming. 

Do you like to listen to the radio with the doors open? Unfortunately, the door fuse can be very annoying for you then. 

These are the main reasons why people prefer the door chime fuse out. Some people might also want the alarm off simply because they do not want it. After all, Chevy Silverado’s are quite popular for their customization ability. 

People make all different kinds of changes to their vehicles. You can read my articles on the Chevy Silverado locking differential and Chevy Silverado 285/60r20 wheel compatibility to learn more. 

Where Is The Chevy Silverado Door Chime Fuse Located? 

The door chime fuse is located on the passenger side kick plate. It’s right below the glove box and should go on your right side. Depending on the model of Chevy Silverado you have, you might have to remove a plastic panel to get access to the fuse. If you cannot remove the plastic panel you might have to look for a small hole in the glove box and feel your way around it to take it out.

Removing The Door Chime Fuse 

A very effective way to stop the door chime alarm is to remove the fuse. Here are the steps that you need to follow to remove the door chime fuse. 

Step 1: Locate The Fuse

Firstly, you will have to locate the fuse. Of course, you cannot remove the fuse without locating it first. This step is important since there are a lot of different fuses in the Chevy Silverado, you don’t want to pull on the wrong one. 

To do this, you will check under the driver’s side door. There is a fuse panel cover on the side of the dashboard. It can be found just between the windshield and the door. 

Step 2: Remove The Panel Cover 

After locating the panel, you will have to then remove the cover to get access to it. Under the covers, on the backside, there will be a diagram that shows where the fuse is located. 

It will show all the fuses that are in the panel and their tasks. 

Step 3: Locate The Fuse And Remove It 

After reading the diagram, all you need to do is locate the fuse and gently remove it. Then using a good quality screwdriver such as the AmazonBasics Magnetic Screwdriver Set attach the panel back again. 

You can then keep the door open for a while to see if the alarm has been disabled or not. 

Reverse the steps if you want to reset the alarm.

Tricking The Chevy Silverado Into Thinking That The Door Is Closed

This method is not always effective but might get the job done at times. When the door is open, place your finger through the door latch mechanism to make it think that the door is locked. The alarm won’t go off then. 

If you want to listen to the radio, you can take out the keys while the radio is still playing. But the problem with this is that sometimes taking out the keys will also shut the radio off.

Damaging The Speakers 

On a lot of Chevy Silverado models, the sound of the alarm comes through a different speaker. Although a bold move, you can try and destroy the speakers to get rid of the alarm. 

Use a set of pliers such as the YIYITOOLS Side Cutting Pliers, Diagonal pliers, and Industrial Pliers to cut the wires of the speaker. This will automatically disable the fuse permanently.

You can also try submerging the speaker with foam, thus destroying it. Whatever you do, you need to make sure that damaging the speaker does not damage the vehicle in any way. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Can You Disable The Door Chime On A Chevy Silverado? 

Unfortunately, there is no way you can disable the door chime on a Chevy Silverado using any factory settings. All of the methods that I have mentioned are not factory-approved. 

2. Can You Disable The Door Chime Fuse Using Duct Tape?

Yes, using duct tape can sometimes reduce or disable the door chime fuse. But it is not a permanent solution, and the alarm will be set off again once the duct tape moves from its place. 

3. How To Temporarily Disable The Fuse? 

If you like listening to music or the radio with the door open, you can take out the fuse by pulling it gently. After you are done listening to the music, you can put it back in place. This is the only temporary fix that can work. 

4. Can You Lower The Volume For Chevy Silverado Door Chime Fuse?

With some adjustments, you can reduce the volume of the door chime. This is a factory-approved adjustment. Here is a video on how to lower the chevy Silverado door chime fuse so that you can see if it’s any help. 

Final Words 

Hating the chevy Silverado door chime fuse? Want to stop making that loud noise when you keep the car door open? 

Don’t worry, although there are no factory settings that you can follow to disable the fuse, there are a lot of different techniques that can still do the trick. 

You can use the door latch method, the duct tape method, or even try damaging the fuse speaker. But the most convenient and easy method is going to be removing the fuse. This will also allow you to reverse the process and get the alarm back if needed. 

Hi, this is Johnny Norris grew up in a car-oriented family. I love helping people by solving different problems they face in their Chevy car. Following my suggestions, how-to guides, you can save up on a lot of money that would have been spent on paying a professional.